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Long time lurker. Looking to get a bit more information/direction into setting up a small cloud storage business. Currently I provide web hosting services as well as work with a few media agencies. I/We have a number of clients interested in both a cloud storage and cloud backup solution. One of our current clients hosts a ton of their files which they access via FTP which really isn't the most optimal solution for their office and oversees factories. The obvious goal is to create a dropbox style environment for clients to host their files and do backups. I want to start offering these services with a slight markup. I have seen some different things, JustCloud/LiveDrive but haven't heard great things. I was thinking about setting up OwnCloud with an EC2 Instance to provide the file-sharing and storage, and then do backups to S3. I've used OwnCloud personally but don't have too much experience with it and am not sure if it is good enough to handle what I want to do. I would like to provide a WhiteLabel or at the very least Co-Branded setup to my customers. I see that there are some WHMCS plugins to manage Owncloud. Another question I have on OwnCloud would be about domains/subdomains. Would I need separate Owncloud instances to be able to map say to? Or should I map domains to just the owncloud portal itself? Does anyone have any knowledge/experience doing this? I've been reseaching online for awhile and was hoping to get more direction on where and what I should do.

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