What is web hosting ?
Most people understand the basic principles of setting up a small business – establish an appropriate business name, rent a shop space, move in and decorate.

Web hosting is not much different. A registrant establishes a domain name, leases a block of server space and uploads their webpage. Very quickly, anybody with a connection to the internet can start browsing the site.
A domain name provides the address of the server, while the server is a rented space into which the data that make up the webpage is stored. This process is known as delegation - the domain name points to the particular hosting account on the particular server.
The servers' main job is to 'serve' files to the web browser that made the request. And in the same way as property is managed by a landlord, the server is managed by a web host.
The web host determines the server features. However, not all servers are created equal and there are many options available. Some web hosting services provide technical support and some will force you to go it alone. Others may simply offer a basic redirection service, while advanced packages providescripting support, database storage or email services.

Watch the below video for more information:

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what role does godaddy pls?
(10-04-2015, 02:06 PM)Christer Wrote:  what role does godaddy pls?

As I know, GoDaddy is a publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company.
Huanetworkis an independent ICT products and solutions provider for operators, internet service providers, telecom sub contractor, corporate customers and ICT companies.

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